Styx River Neo Mats Boat Carpet VS Other Carpeting

Styx River Neo Mats Boat Carpet VS Other Carpeting

When it is the time to get your boat a new carpet, a problem most of common of all that consumers face is choosing one of the most durable carpeting for their boat. Though there are a lot of similarities between many types of carpets, and the feel or look is very similar as well, there are a lot of features that make Styx River Neo Mats Boat Carpet and other carpeting options look very dissimilar. These particular features are the decisive aspects of how long your latest carpeting will last. Not only will Styx River last longer, but this will also maintain the feel and look under the strict marine environments for many years.

Styx River Neo Mats 5 x 18 Foot Boat Carpet

Neo Mats Boat Carpet Description:

Neo Mats is a useful and versatile item to hit the boating and hunting marketplaces in years. Ducks Unlimited select edit one of year’s finest new products, most common uses are for truck beds, boats, ATV’s, pet kennels, hunting stands, door mats and floor mats. Neo Mats are manufactured to reduce, conceal noise cloister from cold and hot surfaces, and guard finishes. These are one of the most functional and best boat accessories made in years.

Designed to give tough, yet softened surface, these not only defend your boat’s finish, but also decrease the aluminum boats noise essential for fishermen and hunters. These neoprene supported carpets need no gum and engross less than 5 percent of their own load in water. These are offered in a lot of camo designs not only enhancing the look and feel of camouflage boats, but also working very well in solid color boats enhancing their look too. Whether you are duck hunting, fishing, or pleasure riding, you can add life to your boat to make your boating experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

Some Features of Neo Mats Boat Carpet:

• Designed to reduce and conceal noise
• Cloister from cold and hot surfaces
• Defends finishes
• Gives tough, still cushioned exteriors
• Requires no glue and in water, it absorbs just less than 5 percent of its own weight
• Fade/UV Resistant
• Ravel Resistant
• Mold/Mildew Resistant
• Stain Resistant
• Weather-proof
• Rot Resistant

Nonetheless, a few of these features might also be available in other outdoor carpeting; you will see one major variance. The one important factor that differentiates the marine-grade carpeting from standard is the rubber backing. So, when you get your Neo Mats boat carpet, get the rubber backing as well, which is not mostly available with standard ones. A rubber backing enables a carpet to become breathable, ensuring its resistance to moisture that causes mildew, mold and rot overtime.

Because of continuous exposure of the boat’s carpet to severe marine environment, above features tend to be very important crucial to look for when you are looking for a replacement carpet for your boat. A lot of stores and suppliers will sanction their outdoor carpeting for replacement, but the fact is that when boat makers install the carpeting, they always utilize the best quality carpeting, and choosing to buy New Mats Boat Carpet is definitely a great choice.

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