Overton’s Trailer Bunk Boat Carpet

Overton’s Trailer Bunk Boat Carpet

With an Overton’s Trailer Bunk Boat Carpet, you can protect your boat by substituting wracked bunk carpet with this black carpet made by Overton. The product belongs in trailer bunks, which are known to be subject to extreme deterioration, and Overton’s Trailer Bunk Boat Carpet is superlative for refurbishing these worn-out bunks. You must defend your boat from unpleasant damages and make sure that your trailer bunks are with a longer life with the quality of marine-grade 12-Oz. carpet like this one. Some of the product features include:

  • It gives a good protection to your boat.
  • Its color is black.
  • Size in which this carpet is normally found is 24” x 12′. However, other sizes are available as well, which are 4″ x 12′, 8″ x 12′, 18″ x 18′ and 12″ x 12′.
  • It is a Trailer Bunk Boat carpet.
  • As per the reviews by many customers, it is a quality product you can trust and depend on.
  • Perfect for renovating wracked bunks
  • 12-Oz. Bunk carpet that is known to be marine-grade

What Measures Are Necessary for Its Own Protection?

This carpet is manufactured making sure that it should take care of the tough environments of marine, but later or sooner, like any other carpet, this carpet too is bound to become dirty. Cleaning this boat carpet can for sure be a very simple procedure. Things you will require are a garden hose, shop vacuum, brush, and white vinegar. With patience and some time you will see that your carpet will be feeling like and looking new again.

You need to make sure that you do not use any carpet conditioners or shampoos, as they might lead the carpet fibers to get soften, which results in the carpet to seem wracked in just a few days.

Procedure of Cleaning the Carpet:

Step 1:
First of all, brush and/or vacuum the carpet fully

Step 2:
Scrub with the carpet with brush in order to loosen up the area for any other stains that are tough.

Step 3:
Vacuum the area once you are done with brushing the carpet.

Step 4:
Pour 1 cup of white vinegar in a One-Quart spray bottle and then fill it with water. Here, you may also utilize household cleaners which are more impartial, likedish soap or Oxi-Clean if you wish to.

Step 5:
Spray the tint with vinegar solution systematically and let set for fifteen to twenty minutes

Step 6:
Once more, brush the stains. This helps if you brush stains in ways that track the carpet grain, forceful scrubbing will loosen up the boat carpet fibers and may damage the carpet.

Step 7:
Rinse the carpet by thoroughly utilizing a garden hose. You can then use shop vacuum in order to pull any lasting water.

Step 9:
Finally, allow your Overton’s trailer bunk carpet to dry fully.

These steps can be used for all types of boat carpets and if you follow these easy steps, you will make your carpet long last health.

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